L'Orafo secure solutions in shop

Dentro Le Mura, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of jewellery stores, also addresses the various aspects of security and the solutions that can be taken to protect stores and furnishings, from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Transparency, for example, provides lightness, elegance and visibility, with structures that are not too invasive. Combining these needs with security means to study methods and techniques that can provide the necessary guarantees and be always compatible with different design styles.

The double entrance door and metal detectors are always the best deterrent. These structures have become light and transparent, the metal detectors we use are discrete and quiet.

The systems can be turned on and off immediately with a simple command, depending on whether the customer is known or not. Another very important aspect is the possibility to close the windows from inside via remote control.

This means not having to use the old keys, not being forced to move continuously inside the store, and having greater control. In the event that the doors were not closed well, or carelessly left open, an alarm signal that warns of the failure to close can be activated.

This is a system which, besides being extremely safe, also contributes to a simple and elegant design of the furniture, with the addition of flush doors that disappear inside the walls.

Then the company deals with all aspects of internal security, or “private” so to speak, where the various solutions are customised to the specific needs of the jeweller.

There are several security solutions for work counters as a safeguard during sales but, above all, for the safety of jewels during the work day, when the safe is regularly opened.

We discuss all these issues only during specific advice sessions, with respect for privacy, to protect our customers.

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