The Pisani jewellery shop in Scandicci, near Florence, is one of the latest, interesting creations of the design company Dentro Le Mura.

Set within a recently opened shopping arcade, the shop is spacious and enjoys an excellent location. It was specially designed to meet the client’s need for a modern, functional style, an original look with a tasteful and elegant effect.

Grey-toned surfaces and furnishings alternate with harmoniously combined modular displays; showcases, display cases and closed compartments are arranged along the walls and the large exterior windows.

Exposed concrete walls add a decidedly hi-tech vibe, which expresses the characters of both lightness and gravity… [read more]

As part of a complete restoration of a historic building in Pontedera, near Pisa, Dentro Le Mura has designed and built the new Gioielleria Fassorra.

Rooms have been restructured and tailored to the specific needs of customers through a modern and functional design, full of style and elegance.

The high-gloss white lacquer furnishings are suspended, so that their arrangement brings out the profiles of the historic structure.

Large suspended showcases and single glass display cases decorate the central part of the store.

The front door has a double glass sliding door system and the high-gloss lacquer gateways allow for smooth sliding and discretion. Appearance is not affected by technical security requirements, as the metal detectors used are “discreet” and customers cannot hear them…. [read more]

Dentro Le Mura, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of jewellery stores, also addresses the various aspects of security and the solutions that can be taken to protect stores and furnishings, from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Transparency, for example, provides lightness, elegance and visibility, with structures that are not too invasive. Combining these needs with security means to study methods and techniques that can provide the necessary guarantees and be always compatible with different design styles.

The double entrance door and metal detectors are always the best deterrent. These structures have become light and transparent, the metal detectors we use are discrete and quiet.

The systems can be turned on and off immediately with a simple command, depending on whether the customer is known or not. Another… [read more]

Le Cabochon is a jewellery shop situated in the Parioli district, in Rome.

Its distinctiveness is basically due to the features of the products displayed: very peculiar and unique jewels and bijoux, selected from around the world.

To enhance them, Dentro Le Mura has shown its design skills, experience and extensive knowledge in the sector by creating a new space, a truly unique area where everything is designed to comply with the specific needs of customers.

The design starts from the very features of the shop: a space where to meet customers calmly and make them feel at ease, to present and show them the world of jewels.

The shop’s simple and elegant style creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, also through the colours of materials: pickled oak floor, light sandy … [read more]

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