Jewels require a specific lighting, therefore, a special attention to the quality of light, with the maximum output and uniformity is necessary.

It is possible to obtain a perfect light both for gemstones and diamonds by differentiating the gradation through various types of lenses (10° – 25° – 40° – 60°) and guaranteeing the same Lux on different exhibition levels.

The large anodised aluminium case in silver, black, or white colour, allows exceptional heat dissipation, which maximises the life of the LEDs and increases their luminous output.

Dimmable LED Dynamic Lights

They have the same features of the LED bars, but their strength is the Dynamic White Technology. The light colour can be adjusted from 3000k to 5000k through the use of remote control, thus setting the light most suitable to the tone of the product.


New system of LED circular light equipped with rotating head.

Ideal to obtain visual effects that exalt the beauty of the jewels, thanks to the possibility of mixing the light with different colour shades.

It is perfect both for gemstones that need warm colours, and diamonds that need cold colours.

The pushbutton panel allows adjusting the rotating speed and luminous power.

Available in opaque black, white, and grey finishings, RAL on request, and with 10° – 25° – 40° – 60° lenses. Maximum absorbed power 50 W.

Light Control Systems

Touch remote control

The remote control allows turning on and off the lights, adjust luminosity and temperature of the colour of the LED systems with 20 levels of luminous intensity, and 11 levels of colour temperature, up to a maximum distance of 30 metres. The memory function allows recalling the last dimmer setting, turning on the lighting points as previously set.

Smartphone App

The smartphone application is always at hand and allows, through a simple touch, turning on and off, adjusting the luminosity and temperature of the LED systems colour, with 20 levels of luminous intensity and 11 levels of colour temperature.