Opening System

The results achieved in the implementation and realisation of the opening systems of doors and display cases for jewels, are so far the strengths of Dentro Le Mura.

Regarding the display cases there are many technical and stylistic solutions to allow a correct and charming exhibition of jewels: vertical and horizontal sliding openings, through the use of magnetic keys or remote control. The systems can be both manual (vertical and horizontal) and automatic (only vertical).

The glass sliding doors have very attractive design and elegance and allow working in complete safety.

In particular, the double door that, thanks to the interlock between the two doors and the insertion of the metal detector, provides both beauty and reliability.

External accesses

The double automatic glass door is adaptable to all types of furnishing.

Apart from its great elegance, it is a very safe system thanks to the interlock between the two doors and insertion of the metal detector.

We create accesses with an effect of total transparency, without the need for bulky structures that weigh down the visual impact.

The result is absolute elegance and lightness..

Showcases Opening System

The display cases vertical and horizontal sliding opening systems.

All the models are equipped with magnetic keys or remote control.

Practicalness and safety make these systems unique.


Showcases Control Systems

Badge – Without lock, control occurs positioning an authorised magnetic key in front of the antenna. It has time-controlled opening and it automatically closes after a few seconds, according to the customised settings.

Remote control – It has the same functions of badge, but control occurs through universal multifunction remote control.

Digital Recognition System – Control occurs placing a finger on the scanner.