L'Orafo: Gioielleria Fassora

As part of a complete restoration of a historic building in Pontedera, near Pisa, Dentro Le Mura has designed and built the new Gioielleria Fassorra.

Rooms have been restructured and tailored to the specific needs of customers through a modern and functional design, full of style and elegance.

The high-gloss white lacquer furnishings are suspended, so that their arrangement brings out the profiles of the historic structure.

Large suspended showcases and single glass display cases decorate the central part of the store.

The front door has a double glass sliding door system and the high-gloss lacquer gateways allow for smooth sliding and discretion. Appearance is not affected by technical security requirements, as the metal detectors used are “discreet” and customers cannot hear them. Systems can be turned on and off immediately with a simple switch,depending on whether the customer is known or not.All lighting systems are in LED technology.

Their use has been designed to create light and shadow effects and give the same shade of light to all jewellery pieces, displayed at different heights.

The Private area, devoted to private negotiations, is furnished with comfortable leather sofas and special glass display cases, which are fixed to the walls and individually framed and lit to show precious jewels and, at the same time, decorate the central area with simplicity and elegance.

A very charming little garden has been created in front of the sales area, decorated with floral ornaments and stone inserts on the wall, offering visitors some relaxing visual and mental well-being.