L'Orafo a living room in Rome

Le Cabochon is a jewellery shop situated in the Parioli district, in Rome.

Its distinctiveness is basically due to the features of the products displayed: very peculiar and unique jewels and bijoux, selected from around the world.

To enhance them, Dentro Le Mura has shown its design skills, experience and extensive knowledge in the sector by creating a new space, a truly unique area where everything is designed to comply with the specific needs of customers.

The design starts from the very features of the shop: a space where to meet customers calmly and make them feel at ease, to present and show them the world of jewels.

The shop’s simple and elegant style creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, also through the colours of materials: pickled oak floor, light sandy ceilings and treated walls with peculiar dove gray finishes. All furnishings merge and match chromatically in an extremely harmonious blend. The counter is entirely padded and covered in soft light fawn imitation leather. The frames of built-in showcases match with the furniture – which also includes wall mirrors – and are illuminated by Led lights, so as to exhibit various types of jewels in the right atmosphere. The environment displays soft and functional elegance, also thanks to a second reception area, which ensures even greater privacy.

The lacquered wood table is stylishly decorated to match the shop’s fittings and is equipped with padded poufs, covered with the same imitation leather used for the counter at the entrance. To ensure greater privacy, the view from the outside is interrupted by suspended showcases in the middle of the window.

This area also contains built-in walls for jewel showcases. The shop’s impact from the outside is strong and linear, and communicates the same elegance that is mirrored in internal spaces. Despite this refined and captivating look, security has certainly not faded into the background, thanks to the use of the best Visarm glass.

The well-pondered choice of lights enhances the scenery created by jewel showcases suspended in the middle of the windows, which seem to “float” in mid-air and lean out to the outside: an invitation to take a look and come in at the same time.

This effect is achieved with pickled-oak showcase frames, which are applied outside the window to highlight even more its powerful impact.

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