L'Orafo Pisani Jewellery

The Pisani jewellery shop in Scandicci, near Florence, is one of the latest, interesting creations of the design company Dentro Le Mura.

Set within a recently opened shopping arcade, the shop is spacious and enjoys an excellent location.

It was specially designed to meet the client’s need for a modern, functional style, an original look with a tasteful and elegant effect.

Grey-toned surfaces and furnishings alternate with harmoniously combined modular displays; showcases, display cases and closed compartments are arranged along the walls and the large exterior windows.

Exposed concrete walls add a decidedly hi-tech vibe, which expresses the characters of both lightness and gravity. Fittings and displays become particularly important and create an extremely appealing visual impact, as opposed to the rough synthesis of concrete, often considered the perfect material to express simplicity and now widely used in contemporary architecture.

Ceilings are characterised by cantilevered volumes over the entire area of the store; they too are rendered in light and bold shades of grey and hide the main lighting system. In this case, high-intensity, continuous spectrum lamps were fitted to emphasise and enhance the unique nuances of jewellery.

Even the main counter matches the essential lines of the décor as a whole and is provided with compartments and drawers designed for different materials.

The counter was customised with the shop’s logo, made of laser engraved, oxidised metal.

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